Who We Are, What We Do

United Rail Passenger Alliance, Inc. – America’s foremost passenger rail policy institute – is a non-profit corporation, chartered under the laws of the State of Minnesota, and is a non-membership organization, which is solely supported by internal funding.

URPA is an independent group which aims to improve America’s passenger rail system through smart business practices. URPA associates come from every part of the political and social spectrum, with the criteria of an understanding of the business of passenger rail and the importance of passenger rail as a key element of our domestic transportation network.

Many URPA associates have a background of consulting to Amtrak, being a part of the railroad industry through operations or infrastructure, or involvement with local, state, or federal passenger rail law, policy, and operations.

URPA has a decades-long history of quiet but visible success on both policy and passenger rail operations issues, which points to accomplishment of both short and long term goals.

  • Board of Directors: Members throughout the Nation
  • Executive Committee Officers:
    Acting President: under consideration
    Vice President Law and Policy, Andrew C. Selden, Esq., Minneapolis Minn.
    Vice President Engineering, E.P. Hamilton III, Ph.D., Pflugerville Tex.
    Vice President Corporate Communications, Russell F. Jackson, MS, Dallas Tex.
    Vice President of Market Development, Randy Schlotthauer, BA, Fullerton Calif.
    Vice President Southwest, Jon P. Messier, AICP, Albuquerque N. Mex.
    Vice President Information Services, William J. Lindley, Scottsdale Ariz.
  • Founding Executive Committee Officers:
    Chairman, Austin M. Coates, Nashville, Tenn. (obituary and notes)
    Vice President Government Relations, Byron Alfred Nordberg, Oceanside Calif. (1936-1997)
    Vice President Research and Development, Adrian D. Herzog, Ph.D., Northridge Calif. (1948-2001) (obituary and notes)