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‘If we don’t tell ourselves, then no one else will know, either’

August 23rd, 2012

The old Soviet Union may be dead and gone, but it’s ideals and tactics are still very much alive.

Reports have arrived which say Amtrak President Joseph Boardman has stopped the internal distribution of Amtrak’s primary daily summary of the previous day’s performance, including on-time performance, equipment availability, and unusual occurrences.

Allegedly, this is due to a leak which resulted in several unfavorable articles being written about Amtrak’s various sins and woes. So, the decision has been made that even Amtrak managers and employees can’t keep company information confidential – it’s not like there are any competitors which may use this information for financial or competitive gain – and, there will be no more publishing and disseminating of the information throughout the company.

As a result, employees in all departments are scrambling to do their job without having access to even the most basic information; reports have not been issued for several weeks.

What does Amtrak have to hide? Isn’t the Obama Administration, of which Amtrak receives lots of support from, supposed to be the most transparent administration, ever?

When you’re good, you want to tell the world. When you’re bad, well, you try and hide things and hope they will get better. That’s pretty much what has been going on for over 40 years since May 1, 1971. – J. Bruce Richardson


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