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Byron Nordberg Remembered

January 30th, 2007

January 30th marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Byron Nordberg. Called the “heart and soul” of RailPAC, his influence on Rail Passenger service is still being felt nation wide.

Byron Nordberg, 1985

Above: Byron Nordberg has the microphone at the 23 February 1985 RailPAC convention. At left is Andrew C. Selden.

Monument at Oceanside (California) Transportation Center

Byron was the “father” of the Oceanside Transportation Center, and is remembered by this monument there. (Photo By Noel T. Braymer)

Sprinter Platform Under Construction, 2006.

A view from the “Scottish Thistle” of the Sprinter Platform under construction at the Oceanside Station, another Byron Nordberg  design. Photo by Dean  McCormick.

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